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The first EyE Careers Week was a success!

06 May 2012

This conclusion can be drawn from the evaluation of the first Careers Week organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business and the students associations in September 2012. Almost 800 students enrolled for the EICP and more than 60 organizations participated with a workshop a booth or a combination of the two.

The evaluation of the event was rather positive: the students rated almost all the activities in terms of “interesting” and “instructive” above a 3.4 on a scale from 1 to 5. More than threequarters of the respondents considered the interaction between workshop participants and workshop leaders high, almost 70% thought that the Careers Week well organized, 60% believed the website provided the necessary information and almost 60% would recommend the Careers Week to their friends, however almost one-fifth would not recommend it.

In addition, the main part of the respondents agreed with the statements “the Careers Week provided me more insight into my future prospects” and “I learned more about my own abilities during the Careers Week”. An equal percentage of students agreed and disagreed with the statement “the Careers Week helped me to prepare myself for the labour market.”

The evaluation also provided relevant suggestions to improve the event for next year. The main challenge is to decrease the no show up percentage of students.

Watch the EyE Careers Week movie

Find more information in the full Evaluation report

Check the Pictures of the Careers Week 2012 -> Advice is to open with Firefox or Google Chrome

We hope to see you at the next EyE Careers Week, 6 – 8 May 2012.

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