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The University of Groningen turns 400!

20 December 2011

In 2014 the University of Groningen will celebrate its 4th centenary. The celebration of this 400th anniversary (80th lustrum) will be between 15 May and 15 June 2014 together with the entire University community and everyone else with a warm spot in their heart for the institution. The anniversary theme will be: 4∞. Or read otherwise: ‘For Infinity’.

The theme ‘For Infinity’ was chosen because it fits with the University’s three focus areas: Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society. What it also does is convey the feeling that studying and working in Groningen is a special experience that will remain with you for the rest of your life; you will always – for infinity (4∞) – carry Groningen DNA with you.

Sustainable contributions

‘The unique relationship between Academia and City has led to the University making sustainable contributions to society for the past four centuries.’ So wrote Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken in an open letter to staff and students of the University of Groningen this week, in which he announced preparations for the celebration. The sustainable contributions include ground-breaking academic research and publications of note, but also all the definitions, formulas, discoveries, inventions and prize winners the University has produced over the centuries.

Looking ahead

Rector Magnificus Sterken: ‘During our fourth centenary we hope to celebrate all these milestones, to celebrate the close connection between the City and University in the past four centuries. But we also want to look ahead, to the future. The University of Groningen hopes to contribute 4∞ to a sustainable society and the anniversary programme will reflect this.’

Lustrum committee

As a first step, the Board of the University of Groningen has set up a University Advisory Board for the anniversary, which will advise the Board and the Lustrum Office about the lustrum programme and provide other input. The committee members are: Janka Stoker (chair), Marcel Broersma, Bart van de Laar, Ingrid Molema, Tom Postmes, Kees Hummelen, Wilbert Kolkman and Piet Bouma.

More information, Piet Bouma, Head of Communications Office, University of Groningen, tel. 050-363 4444, e-mail: communicatie

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