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Understanding the effects of central teacher recruitment in six ward secondary schools in Tanzania

26 May 2011

PhD ceremony: Mr. W.L. Mafuru, 16.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Title: Understanding the effects of central teacher recruit ment in six ward secondary schools in Tanzania

Promotor(s): prof. M.L.M. Hertogh

Faculty: Law


Decentralization by devolution is the means to transfer the responsibilities for service provision to the grassroots levels in Tanzania. The aim of this policy is to deal with the stagnation in the development of, among other things, secondary education. Despite this policy, Tanzania still provides a strong top-down influence on education. This dissertation is about the effects of the central influence on the recruitment of teachers in secondary education. For this research six ward secondary schools were visited. The dissertation reveals that the centralized teacher recruitment within the initiative to decentralize secondary education has failed to achieve its claimed objective of redressing the inequalities in the deployment of teachers in the country. As a result, the schools rely on a system of self-regulation in order to cope with this inadequacy. The study recommends that the actual needs of schools in terms of the types of teachers required should be given consideration when teachers are posted in schools.


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