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Rob den Otter University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year 2010

01 February 2011
photograph Rob den Otter and Frans Zwarts
Rob den Otter and Frans Zwarts

On Thursday afternoon 3 February 2011 nine lecturers from the University of Groningen competed for the title of Best Lecturer 2010. Rob den Otter received the Best Lecturer Award 2010 and also won the Audience Award. Jaap Wieringa won the Web Award.

The award was established by the Board of the University of Groningen in 2008 to further emphasize the importance of good teaching and excellent lecturers. A jury consisting of students and academics, chaired by the Rector Magnificus, Professor Frans Zwarts, shall decide who will become Lecturer of the Year 2010. They shall judge the nine candidates based on the faculty nominations regarding teaching performance and on a brief lecture given on 3 February.

The audience in the Geertsemazaal in the Academy Building can vote for the University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Audience Award, alongside the main award.

The afternoon will be chaired by the 2008 Audience Award winner Professor Wilbert Kolkman of the Faculty of Law.

The Main Award

The University of Groningen Lecturer of the Year Award 2010 is a cash prize of € 7,500 and a work of art made by Sonja Zuurman, The Audience Award is a venue pass for visiting the theatre, concerts and festivals. The Web Award is a notebook computer.

Members of the Jury

Rector Magnificus F. Zwarts (chair), Prof. G.C. Wakker (Committee of Deans), Prof. J.P. Franke (University Committee for Education), Dr. J.W. Romeijn (2009 winner), J. van Dijk (student member of the University Council Presidium), T. Wijnmaalen (University Student Policy Commission), T. Beudeker (chair of the Teaching, Science and Internationalization Committee)

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