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Self-assembled structures and applications of DNA hybrid materials

31 January 2011

PhD ceremony: Mr. M.S. Kwak, 13.15 uur, Academiegebouw, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Title: Self-assembled structures and applications of DNA hybrid materials

Promotor(s): prof. A. Herrmann, prof. K. Müllen

Faculty: Mathematics


DNA has been extensively studied in the context of self-assembled nanostructures. Due to the specificity of DNA hybridization and programmability of the DNA code, it is possible to create intricate DNA structures on the nanoscale. This dissertation focuses on a related class of materials such as DNA hybrid materials: DNA block copolymers consisting of oligonucleotides that are covalently connected to synthetic polymers and lipid-DNAs synthesized using alkyl-modified nucleobase. These materials exhibit both the self-recognition properties of DNA and the aggregation behavior. Novel structures and combinations with other polymeric and carbonaceous materials were investigated aiming at applications in nanomedicine and electronics. It has been shown in this thesis that the research on programmed self-assembly of DNA hybrid materials has made a step forward towards future applications.


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