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Dr. Jaap Wieringa is FEB Lecturer of the year

01 October 2010
Vice dean Janka Stoker and Prize Winner Jaap Wieringa (Photo: Gerhard Taatgen)
Vice dean Janka Stoker and Prize Winner Jaap Wieringa (Photo: Gerhard Taatgen)

At the festive opening of the FEB and EBF academic year on 30 September, dr. Jaap Wieringa of the Marketing Department was announced Lecturer of the Year, for the second year in a row. This student's choice award is based on online course evaluations filled out by students. Wieringa scored very well on all the courses he gave, his evaluations were good, and he got the most votes of students and student representatives.

Competing this year were all the teachers who haven given one or more courses in the period May 2009 through April 2010. The results of all online course evaluations have been analyzed by student representatives of Quest. There were seven teachers who scored exceptionally well in the evaluations, and they were all nominated. The choice of the winner was based on further research by Quest, and their further consultation of FEB students and year representatives.

Jaap Wieringa, who received the award in 2009 as well, teaches the courses ‘Marketing Model Building’, ‘Advanced Market Research’ and ‘Marketing for EOR’; supervises bachelor theses and master theses; and coordinates and teaches the course ‘Advanced Marketing Models’ in the Research Master. In addition to this, he is one of the principal trainers of a course in ‘Marketing Analytics’ which is taught to marketing analysts who have extensive experience in practice. The central theme of all his teaching (and of all his research, too) is the quantitative side of marketing.

Wieringa on his teaching methods: "On the one hand I try to motivate students to work hard on topics that are not so easy, but very relevant; on the other hand I hope to show them that it is fun to do so”. At the time of his nomination, Wiering said: "I consider myself to be very lucky that, again, the students are just as enthusiastic about these courses as I am: it is extremely rewarding to be listed in the top for the third year in a row!"

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