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Gold medal for speed-skater Gerritsen after outer lane correction

19 February 2010

Annette Gerritsen would have won a gold medal at the 1000 meter race yesterday if she could have started in the inner lane. Professor of Econometrics Gerard Sierksma of the Faculty corrected her race (and all others) for the disadvantage of starting in the outer lane.

Gerritsen ended in second place (1:16,58) behind the Canadian Christine Nesbitt (1:16,56) who did start in the inner lane, and who could skate the 'easier' last inner curve. According to the econometrists of the FEB, skating the last inner curve in the 1000 meter race, will give an advantage of 0,12 seconds on average.

The corrected time of Gerritsen is 1:16,46 wich is considerably faster than Nesbitt.

See also: (24 November 2008) Econometrists: Olympic 1000m must be skated twice

see the actual en corrected ranking tables here

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