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FEB Student Rowan Nijboer Best Dutch Student Stock Trader

11 December 2009
At the finals of the Traders Trophy 2009, IBM pre-master student Rowan Nijboer of the FEB came in second best overall (and best Dutch student trader) out of 650 other students. The finals of this stock market trade simulation game took place at NYSE Euronext at Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, last Thursday 3 December. Rowan received 500 euro in cash prize money and a summer traineeship at equity and options market leader All Options.
The qualifying round for the national final at Euronext was held on November 12th in Groningen. Rowan and five others won and represented the University of Groningen at the finals in Amsterdam, where Rowan would eventually come out as the winner.
Rowan: “The finals in Amsterdam were very exciting; it was finished before I knew it. It was a combination between focus, speed and a bit of greed. Second best is pretty good, although I was also a little disappointed not to become first. But in the end, it was a fantastic experience!”
In the Traders Trophy simulation game students become a stock market trader for a few hours: giving quotes, answering numerous calls from other players, experiencing the chaos, and dealing with fictitious market players. The game enables students to show their talent, compete in a dynamic and playful competition, and win prizes. At the same time (investment) banks, brokers or other financial institutions get the opportunity to attract and access talented students from top universities.

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