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FEB organizes international conference Mathematics in Sports 17-19 June

15 June 2009
Professor Sierksma (RUG)
Professor Sierksma (RUG)

The Faculty of Economics and Business and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (UK) organizes the conference Mathematics in Sports on 17-19 June. The conference takes place in the Hampshire Hotel-Plaza in Groningen.

During the conference a numerous number of topics will come across. Notable examples are decision support systems in sports, performance measures and models, optimasation of sports performance and comptetitive strategy. Key note speakers are Gerard Sierksma, Jim Albert, Jan Magnus en Stephen Clark.

Highlighted: professor Gerard Sierksma

Sierksma is professor Sport Logistics at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. His research concentrates on the uniting of science and football. Decisions about the effective and efficient use of football players, are taken not any more solely on the base of intuition and common sense, but are supported by advanced computer systems.These systems allow club managements to measure and analyze the effectiveness of the decisions in a more objective and sound way, resulting in a decrease of wasted talents and money. At the conference Sierksma introduces two computer support systems, namely Coach & Scout Assistant and Effectivity In Action.

Highlighted: professor Jim Albert

Jim Albert is professor in Statistics at Bowling Green State University.  His interests are in Bayesian modeling, statistics education, and the application of statistics to baseball. Recently Major League Baseball has made available data that records information about every single pitch, including its speed, location in the strike zone, size of the horizontal and vertical break, and the outcome of the pitch.  At the conference professor Albert will give an overview of this data and shows how this data can be used to better understand the difference between successful and unsuccessful pitchers.

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