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PhD thesis: Communication in buyer-supplier relationships: the value of shared perceptions

02 April 2009
Marian Oosterhuis
Marian Oosterhuis

In her dissertation Marian Oosterhuis addresses the importance of shared perceptions in buyer-supplier relationships. Psychological research has demonstrated that people cooperate much better when they hold similar views of what is happening and what is needed. Shared perceptions enable people to coordinate their work more easily and to make better decisions in a more efficient manner, which together results in effective cooperation processes.

Although cooperation between buying and supplying companies is a central topic in research on buyer-supplier relationships, the idea that buyers and suppliers must share perceptions to cooperate effectively has received little attention. Most studies investigating buyer-supplier relationships examined only one side of the relationship: they looked at either the buyers’ or the suppliers’ perceptions of the relationship. Yet, Oosterhuis proposes that exactly the combination of both perceptions may explain much of the success (or failure) of buyer-supplier cooperation. Her dissertation explores one aspect of buyer-supplier cooperation, namely communication. Data analyses showed that perceptions of buyers and suppliers can significantly differ from one another. As expected, such perception differences hamper communication processes between buyers and suppliers, resulting in lower performance, less trust and more conflicts. 

Curriculum vitae

Marian Oosterhuis (Delfzijl, 1979) graduated in business studies in Groningen and conducted her PhD research at SOM research school of the Faculty of Economics and Business. She will be awarded her PhD on 9 April (4.15 pm). Het supervisor is prof. H.B.M. Molleman and the thesis title is: Communication in buyer-supplier relationships: the value of shared perceptions.

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