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International congress Operations Management in Groningen

04 June 2008

From 15 to 18 June, approximately 300 participants will explore the theme of ‘Tradition and Innovation in Operations Management: connecting Past and Future’ at the fifteenth annual international congress of the European Operations Management Association. The congress will take place at the University of Groningen.

The field of Operations Management is constantly confronted with new challenges and applications, and increasingly has to react to changes in the globally competitive world. As new developments and trends are detected, our field responds and adapts to meet these external demands. At the same time, we continue to struggle to find and define universal laws of operations management and it sometimes seems that traditional “facts and knowledge” are no longer considered applicable.

Key note speakers

At the congress, keynote speakers will comment on the main theme by discussing achievements in our field and suggesting new areas for research. Steve New (Oxford SAID Business School) will discuss the future needs of operations management as a science, discipline and management activity. Jack Meredith (Wake Forest University) will discuss the achievements in the field (the tradition part of our theme).

PhD students

The EurOMA Doctoral Seminar provides PhD students with a forum for presenting and discussing their research and an opportunity to get feedback from and exchange comments and views with fellow PhD students and experienced researchers in the field.

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