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Groningen Research Master Economics and Business highly appreciated in Elsevier survey

01 November 2007
Elsevier magazine
Elsevier magazine

The Research Master Economics and Business of the University of Groningen is an excellent program, according to the Elsevier survey. This influential annual survey among students on their satisfaction with their study programs, for the first time reported its results separately for all the national Research Master programs. The results show that students in the Groningen Research Master Economics and Business are very content: the quality of professors for example is graded 8.2.


Since 2004, the Faculty of Economics and Business has offered this master's program for students interested in scientific training. The day-to-day management of this program is taken care of by the Research School SOM of the faculty.


8.3 on 'development of research skills'

All Research Master programs were rated on 30 items, which have been subdivided into three categories. The average grade for Economics and Business on the category 'scientific content' is 7.4, with very high scores for the items 'preparation for a PhD project' (8.3) and 'development of research skills' (8.3). The lowest grade in the category 'scientific content' is 5.9, for 'international contacts'. Recently, activities have been started to intensify contacts with foreign universities that offer high-quality programs, to increase opportunities for stays abroad.


8.5 on 'individual attention for students'

The Research Master Economics and Business is doing particularly well with respect to 'program and supervision' (7.7) and 'quality of professors' (8.2). Within the former of these categories, students especially appreciate 'quality of supervision' (8.0) and 'individual attention for students' (8.5). All items received grades higher than 7.0. Within the category about professor quality, the grades on the items 'experience with scientific research' (8.8) and 'effort and enthusiasm' (8.3) stand out prominently. Within this category, no single grade is lower than 7.8.


All in all, the Research Master Economics and Business is rated very well by its students, also in comparison to other Research Master programs, in Groningen (in other disciplines) and elsewhere (both in economics and business and in other disciplines). Motivated and talented students who are eager to receive high-quality education with a personal touch should definitely consider taking the Research Master Economics and Business in Groningen.

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