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More opportunities for Groningen students and staff at prestigious US universities

13 april 2007

Dean Henk Sol of the Faculty (FEB) finished a tour through the East Coast of the US. He visited three universities to discuss the opportunities of more cooperation, which includes staff and student exchange.

University of Maryland
University of Maryland

University of Maryland: Robert H. Smith School of Business

First, Sol visited the Smith School of Business in Maryland, which ranks 17th in MBA programs in the US, where RUG economist Michel Wedel currently holds a professorship. Smith wants one European partner university and the Faculty of Economics and Business i.f. is probably going to be that one.


The current alliance will be renewed and possibly 10 exchange opportunities will be created annually. Moreover, negotiations have started for a possible dual MScBA program. Smith also has a particular interest in short term student exchanges in summer or winter.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Sloan School of Management

Second, Sol met with the dean of MIT’s prestigious Sloan School of Management. Sloan wants to intensify the relationship with the FEB, particularly by the exchange of staff, PhD’s, and research master students. Sloan is, like Smith, also interested in short term summer and winter courses.

University of Massachusetts
University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Isenberg School of Management

Third, Sol signed a memorandum of understanding (a contract for cooperation). The exchange of students will start slowly. Because of its beautiful surroundings, Amherst is an excellent place for staff exchange. As the relationship between the FEB and Isenberg develops, more programs for students will be developed.

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