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Header image Economic Geography: Regional Competitiveness and Trade

Economic Geography: Regional Competitiveness and Trade

  • Testimonial van Floris Jan Sander

    After graduating, your future options are countless

    I chose for the master track Regional Competitiveness and Trade because it offers three economic courses where contemporary economic models are discussed which are used often, especially in regional economics.

    For example: how do regional spillovers occur, and how do you measure this? But also more practical examples like what can possibly happen to Groningen if the infrastructure to the Randstad will be improved? Will the region gain, or not? This is the first time I get in touch with these really practical models, which assures me that I am learning skills that I can use in my future career.

    Groningen is one of the only universities who offers a programme in Economic Geography. In other universities, the focus is more on human geography. Furthermore, the University of Groningen is unique because it is one of the few universities that have their own faculty for geographers and planners; the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. It’s a rather small faculty, so teachers know you and if you have questions they can help you right away. I think this is a real benefit.

    If you are interested in geography, but you’d also like to use economic models, especially for geographers, this is probably the best course you can choose. After graduating, your future options are countless.

    – Floris Jan Sander
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