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Ecology and Evolution

Research Projects in Various Fields

The Master's degree programme is coordinated by the Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences (GELIFES;

GELIFES focuses its research on the level of the individual organism (behaviour, physiology, morphology, genetics, development) and on higher levels of organisation (population, communities, ecosystems). The research is being done on a broad range of organisms (terrestrial-marine; microorganisms-plants-animals) with a broad range of methods and approaches (field, lab, theoretical). A hallmark of GELIFES is that we strive to integrate mechanistic approaches (how does an organism function?) with evolutionary approaches (why does the organisms function as it does?). We specifically aim to integrate these fields that are traditionally studied in isolation.

GELIFES is part of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and embraces six research groups:

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    Fish thrive in the right kind of light

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    Sustainable development in major wildlife migration region

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    Tracking Dutch meadowland birds

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    Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Sciences

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  • Testimonial van Siwen Tang

    My Ecology and Evolution programme gives me a lot of freedom, which means I can schedule my time the way I like

    Life at the university is totally different from my home country China . My Ecology and Evolution programme gives me a lot of freedom, which means I can schedule my time the way I like. We work in projects a lot, so I get the chance to practice my applied skills. You learn to solve problems by yourself and work independently. But at the same time my classmates, the professors and the university staff are always there when I'm in need for help or advice!

    I love the fact that the study programme allows me to do an internship as a project. An internship gives me the chance to familiarize with our scientific work in real companies and institutes. This experience is really valuable for my future career. A piece of advice to future students would be to inform about possible projects before you arrive here. It gives you an advantage when you've already found a suitable project and supervisor.

    I would recommend Ecology and Evolution, and the city of Groningen as a whole, to any prospective student who wants to enjoy a quiet, cosy and academic studying experience abroad! The University has a great 400 year history , the residents are lovely and friendly, and all speak English at a high level. Other than that, I really enjoy riding my little cute bike to anywhere I want in this city! it's convenient and safe.

    – Siwen Tang
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