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Research constitutes an important of the Chemistry Master's degree and students spend approximately half their time in research projects. The main research project (45 ECTS) is typically performed in a research group belonging to one of the three research institutes most relevant to the chemistry programme:

The Stratingh Institute for Chemistry 
The Zernike Institute of Advanced Materials 
The Groningen Biomolecular Science & Biotechnology Institute

Between these institutes students can choose to perform the research in on of approximately 30 research group that work in different areas of chemistry.

A second shorter research project (15 ECTS) often takes place in the form of a placement in industry or abroad. Students have a great deal of autonomy in choosing their research projects from an exceptionally wide variety of topics.

Fundamental and applied (industrially oriented) research
Possible research projects include application-oriented research on organic and inorganic synthesis, heterogeneous, homogeneous and biocatalysis, computational chemistry, chemical biology and polymer chemistry. The multidisciplinary teams within the University facilitate R&D routes from laboratory to industrial scale.
Typical examples of projects include: design of new routes to chemicals from renewable resources, synthesis and study of molecular motors, development of new antibiotics, study of self-replicating molecules, and the synthesis and development of molecular-electronic devises and organic solar cells.

The Times Higher Education (THES) Top 15 of best materials research institutes 
The Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials belongs to the THES top 15 of best materials research institutes in the world. The institute is dedicated to a cross-disciplinary approach; in many research groups physicists and chemists work closely together. Research fields include surfaces, polymers, biomolecular materials, computational solid state physics, optical properties of the solid state and material engineering.

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