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Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift

Digital archive 1974-2004 (volumes 1-31)
This journal appeared under the title Sociologisch Tijdschrift from volume 9 up to 14. In January 2005, the Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift and the Sociologische Gids merged and continued as Sociologie.

Beleid en Maatschappij

Beleid en Maatschappij

Digital archive 1973-2003 (volumes 1-30)
Beleid en Maatschappij (B&M, BenM) is aimed at administrators and policymakers in the public as well as the private sector. It offers analyses and academically founded policy criticism. This takes place from a multidisciplinary perspective: i.e. sociology, economics, law, history, political science, public administration.


Mens en Maatschappij

Digital archive 1925-2001 (volumes 1-76)
Mensch en Maatschappij has existed since 1925, and under the title Mens en Maatschappij since 1947, which was later written as Mens & Maatschappij. Subtitles include: a journal for anthropology, psychology, genetics, eugenetics, prehistory, ethnology, sociography, sociology, criminal science, ethics and philosophy of law, and a journal for the social sciences.

Sociologische Gids

Sociologische Gids

Digital archive 1953-2002 (volumes 1-49)
The Sociologische Gids offered an academic outlook on developments in the field of sociology and in society. Related fields such as social psychology, communication science and anthropology were also represented in this journal. In January 2005, the Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift and the Sociologische Gids merged and continued as Sociologie.


Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken

Digital archive 1985-2004 (volumes 1-20)
Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken covers issues regarding the labour market, labour organization, labour relations, labour conditions and social security from a social-science perspective. It contains research articles and opinions, research notes, columns, literature reviews and book reviews.

Chemisch Weekblad

Chemisch Weekblad

Digital archive 1903-1956 (volumes 1-52)
Chemisch Weekblad was started in 1903 as the official periodical of the (Royal) Netherlands Chemical Society. As of 1999 the official name is Chemisch2Weekblad.


Cultuur in de Spiegel

Cultuur in de Spiegel (Culture in the Mirror) is a cooperation between the University of Groningen and the SLO, the Dutch national expertise centre for curriculum development. The project is funded by the VSB Fund, the University of Groningen and the participating primary and secondary schools.


GAGL (Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik)

Digital archive 1979 – 2011 (number 15 – 53)
GAGL was a working papers series in English and German on the subject of Germanic linguistics, founded by Werner Abraham, and published by the University of Groningen between 1972 and 2011.


Historia Agriculturae

Historia Agriculturae publishes research performed by staff and other researchers of The Netherlands Agricultural Historical Institute (NAHI).This series about Dutch agricultural history and rural history is available digitally from 2000.


International Journal of Child and Family Welfare

The International Journal of Child and Family Welfare (IJCFW) was aimed at advancing the science and practice of child and youth care and family welfare by publishing original research and papers of theoretical, scientific, and clinical relevance to the field.



Digital Archive 1995-2012 (volumes 1-17).
This presentation series of the Lutje (Gronings voor 'little') Psychiatric-Legal Society contains articles about themes on the border between justice and mental health care.



Digital archive 1999-2019 (volumes 1-21)
Pictogram was the information bulletin for developments in information and communication technology at the University of Groningen (UG). It was a joint publication of the University Library and the Donald Smits Centre for Information Technology.


Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies

Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies is the forum for the academic problematization of gender in relation to other forms of discrimination and exclusion such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, class or age. It contains academic articles, interviews, book reviews, discussion files and opinions in Dutch and English. The archive includes all volumes between 1980-1997 of the Tijdschrift voor Vrouwenstudies and volumes 1998-2012 of the Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies.

Timing & Time Perception: Reviews

Timing & Time Perception: Reviews

Digital archive 2014 (volume 1)
Timing & Time Perception Reviews is the premier outlet for integrative and multidisciplinary reviews on timing and time perception, broadly defined.



Digital archive 1982-1992
Versus guided and co-defined the first developments of film science as an academic discipline in the Netherlands and Flanders from the seventies until the nineties. The journal was created by the first department of Film Studies in the Netherlands (Film and Performing Arts, Catholic University Nijmegen).

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