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Open access nieuwsbrief

Open Access

De open access nieuwsbrief wordt tweemaal per jaar verzonden als bijlage bij de Innovatieflits.

Nieuwsbrief 15 - oktober 2017

Editorial - Opportunities seized and opportunities missed

As you know, for Dutch researchers the number of opportunities for cost-free open access publishing in solid-quality journals is huge, with over 8,000 journals covered by national deals with leading publishers. Recently Cambridge University Press was added to the list, with almost 300 journals in all fields.
But dó you know? It may appear that many UG and UMCG researchers do not. Not all of the opportunities offered by the VSNU deals are seized by authors, with an uptake of no more than 40% for Elsevier, and just over 20% for Wiley.

100% open access agreement with Cambridge University Press

The universities in the Netherlands have concluded a three-year agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP) guaranteeing 100% open access to academic journals.

Academic Data Center Groningen: Any chance for open data?

On 11 July 2017, the University of Groningen signed an agreement with Statistics Netherlands (CBS) marking the launch of the Academic Data Center Groningen. The aim of the agreement is to maximize the use of CBS data in research in the social sciences and economics, with the Center generating new research data and publications. However, the launch of the Center has raised some questions about how open and fair the new research data will be.

Don’t miss out on discounts for open access publishing

Although many researchers have heard about the open access deals with publishers, many authors from the University of Groningen (UG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have missed out on the opportunity to publish open access this year. These publisher deals make it possible to publish as open access in many journals, without a charge for the author.

Finding full-text articles is easier than you think

With the growing number of open access publications and other freely accessible versions of articles on numerous websites, it is increasingly difficult for researchers to find the right full-text or PDF version. There are many tools that can help you.

National journal browser

The Dutch university libraries have joined forces in a national journal browser . The University of Groningen version of this browser provides information about the open access options for journals, whether they are part of a national or local agreement and what the APC discount is.

NWO Incentive Fund for Open Access ends 1 January 2018

On 1 January 2018, NWO will terminate its Incentive Fund for Open Access Publications and Conferences. This is because the opportunities for authors to make publications open access without paying extra have increased.

‘Open up to open access’ campaign

To draw attention to open access, a VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) campaign started earlier this year. The campaign ‘Open up to open access’ aims to encourage academics to publish their articles open access. The University of Groningen (UG) considers open access to be extremely important and is therefore participating in this initiative.

Researchers, take back control over academic publishing!

The University of Groningen Library investigates plans to establish an open access publishing platform: the University of Groningen Press. This new platform could host journals but also publish monographs. We spoke to Daan Evers and Titus Stahl, two assistant professors at the Faculty of Philosophy, who are both thinking of publishing introductory textbooks with the University of Groningen Press.

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