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The Bachelor's degree programme in International Relations and International Organization (Croho 50627) is a quota programme (numerus fixus). The reason for this is the wide interest for the programme, which means that the programme gets more applications than that there are places available. A fixed number of places is available for quota programmes. For the IRIO Bachelor degree programme this number is 260. For these places a selection procedure takes place.

In order to have a chance to start the programme all candidates will have to complete the underneath application procedure before 15 January 2019.

Application procedure 2019-2020

The application procedure for the start of the IRIO Bachelor programme in September 2019 will open on 10 October 2018. We encourage all candidates to complete the application procedure before 15 December 2018, the final deadline is 15 January 2019. The application procedure consists of the following steps:

Step 1 : Registration in Studielink

All candidates have to apply for the Bachelor programme 50627 International Relations and International Organization (English) of the University of Groningen on Studielink > choose starting date: 1 September 2019.

Please follow the instructions in Studielink carefully!

Studielink is the central registration platform for higher education in the Netherlands. For questions about registration in Studielink , please contact the University Student Desk.

Step 2 : Diploma validation

If you want to enter the Bachelor Programme IRIO with a Non-Dutch diploma or an International Baccalaureate, you will have to provide the Admissions Officer of the RUG with a copy of your passport, diploma, transcript of records, and if necessary an official English language test result through the RUG Online Admission System (OAS). The admissions officer determines if your prior education is sufficient for principle admission to the University of Groningen. If applicable, you will receive instructions on how to proceed in OAS by email after you apply in Studielink. Candidates that have to undertake this step should also complete steps 3 and 4 below .

For questions about diploma validation, please contact the RUG Admissions Office.

Step 3 : Fill out the IRIO Selection Form 2019

All candidates will have to fill out the official selection form in order to participate in the IRIO selection procedure. In this document, we will ask you for a number of personal details and a number of other questions concerning your secondary school grades and motivation, evidence for your English language proficiency, to complete an assignment, add relevant additional education, (work)experience and notable achievements.

As you fill out the form, you will need to gather documents of proof for all these aspects. The IRIO Selection Form 2019 combined with these additional documents of proof will be your personal IRIO Selection File for the selection procedure.

Step 4 : Submit your complete IRIO Selection File

All candidates must submit their complete IRIO Selection File consisting of the filled-out IRIO Selection Form 2019, as well as the required documents of proof, through the online IRIO Selection File (available from 10 October 2018). We encourage all candidates to submit their Selection File before 15 December 2018 but the final deadline to complete all steps of the application procedure is 15 January 2019 !

For questions regarding technical or procedural issues only, please contact (please include your full name and RUG student number in your email).

The final deadline to complete all steps of the application procedure was15 January 2019! The application procedure fro 2019-2020 is now closed.

How does the selection procedure work?

The IRIO department will review all individual applications of candidates that have

  • successfully completed the steps above, and
  • are in principle admissible to the University of Groningen based on their previous education
  • not yet participated three times in the IRIO selection procedure before

The individual candidate will be rewarded with a score on the different components of their IRIO Selection File 2019. The overall scores of the individual candidate will be compared to the scores of the entire cohort of candidates, in order to reward the individual candidate a specific place in the ranking. The IRIO Department rewards individual scores on the various components in the IRIO Selection File 2019 based on the following selection criteria:

  • Cognitive skills of the candidate . The IRIO Department will review the relevant cognitive skills for the BA programme IRIO of all individual candidates, based on their previous school results, English Language proficiency, and reading-, writing- and argumentation skills.
  • Motivation of the candidate . The IRIO Department will review the motivation of all individual candidates for the BA programme IRIO based on answers and motivation all candidates include in their IRIO Selection File 2018.
  • Profile of the candidate . The IRIO Department will review the profile of all individual candidates based on answers and the resume all candidates include in their IRIO Selection File 2019.

The IRIO department will score and rank all these candidates and give them a unique place in the ranking. This ranking will be in the form of a number: 001 or higher. On 15 April all candidates that successfully participated in the selection procedure will receive their individual ranking.

Timeline Application and Selection Procedure

10 October 2018 to 15 January 2019 – All candidates that wish to start the programme will have to complete the entire four-step application procedure.

15 January to 15 April 2019 – The IRIO Department will review the IRIO Selection Files and – if applicable – the Admission Office will determine if all candidates are in principle admissible to the University of Groningen.

15 April 2019 – All candidates receive their individual result of the Selection Procedure.

15 April 2019 – Candidates with a number in ranking that falls within the Numerus Fixus (260) will be offered a place in the programme. Candidates have a maximum of two weeks to accept this place, after which this offered place is withdrawn and offered to the next candidate in the ranking (261 and over).

1 May – 15 August 2019 – places that are not accepted or rejected are offered to candidates next in the ranking.

1 September 2019 – Start of the programme.

For more information about the rules and regulation concerning selection and placement procedures within the University of Groningen, please see the Portal Fixed Quota Programmes of the University of Groningen.

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