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Lana Fahham

Bachelor student European Language and Culture
Lana Fahham

About Lana

Hello! My name is Lana Fahham, and I am 20 years old. I am currently in my third year of the European Languages and Cultures BA programme. I am taking English as my major language and following both the Language & Society and the Culture & Literature profiles. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching a movie/series, and swimming. As well as just spending some time with friends.

Why European Languages and Cultures?

I chose this programme because it is quite broad. I have always been interested in different languages, cultures, and literature. I found everything I like and enjoy within this programme. It was quite hard for me to choose what I wanted to study and what suited my interests, but when I visited the Open Day of ELC, I just knew that this programme was the perfect fit for me. There is so much variation and options to choose from regarding languages, subjects, and profiles. Aside from choosing a major language and main profile, you can also take courses in a second language or profile. The three profiles are: Politics & Society, Language & Society, and the Culture & Literature. I found the last two suited me perfectly, because they go in hand with my hobbies and interests. Due to the huge variation within this programme, you do not only develop a broad and critical perspective on Europe, but on the entire world. Hence, the broadness of this programme leads to many opportunities within and after your studies, which is exactly what I wanted.

Why Groningen?

I have always liked Groningen because it is a student city, but it is not extremely large or busy. There are also a lot of international students here, which is a big bonus in my opinion. When I made the decision to study European Languages and Cultures, I indirectly chose to study in Groningen, since the programme is only offered here. Studying in Groningen was also convenient for me, since I live in Hoogeveen and did not plan to move during my first year. Thankfully, Groningen is only a 40-minute train ride away.


I do not know yet what I want to do in the future. I would love to travel throughout Europe (and the rest of the world) to meet new people and learn and experience different cultures. That is why I would like to find a job where I can have a lot of international contacts and can travel often. But since I have no clue yet what I want to do, I will focus on my studies first and choose a Master’s.

Golden Tip

Choosing what you want to study can be extremely stressful, which is why it is very important to make sure you are informed about different programmes by visiting open days, joining a web-class, or enrolling for student-for-a-day. Feel free to contact the study ambassadors or study advisors your questions, which is also extremely helpful. You can always reach me via the button at the top of this page!

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