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Elizabeth (Liz) Winterhalter

Bachelor student International Relations and International Organization
Elizabeth Winterhalter

About Liz

My name is Liz Winterhalter and I am a student in the International Relations and International Organizations Bachelor’s programme. I was born in the United States but was raised mainly across the Middle East and Europe. This cosmopolitan start to my life has motivated me to pursue the study of politics and of course take a major interest in the languages and cultures of the world. As far as hobbies go, I love going to the gym, playing video games, drawing, knitting, and playing chess. Additionally, next to my studies, I am an active member of the IRIO study association Clio.


I chose the IRIO programme here at the University of Groningen because I saw so much potential in the classes that are provided. Due to my background of moving, I had absolutely no geographical limit to where I could place my application, but Groningen spoke to me for three main reasons. The first reason is that the courses within the programme are specific. With IR studies in general, they tend to be very broad, so seeing that the individual courses are all for a specific field was very intriguing. Secondly, I loved the built-in language course to study. Language learning is a huge passion of mine, and having another language in the field of IR is an invaluable skill. Lastly, the overall flexible course structure, and the ability to have a bachelor's degree that can really be supplemented with anything additional you wish to take is a huge advantage.

Why Groningen?

I chose Groningen as my place to study due to many reasons. First of all, the visual aesthetics of the city are undeniable. It is a beautiful city filled with students and is overall very easy to navigate. Having such a large portion of the city being students allows for some amazing experiences, such as KEI week to take place. Additionally, because of the amount of students, student discounts exist at most places around town, which helps to save a few extra euros. I chose Groningen because of the lovely Dutch infrastructure and cycling culture as well.


In the future I hope to work for an international organization, or for the EU. Due to my studies, I believe that work in an international organization is where I can have the most impact. In an increasingly globalized world, the significance of international organizations will only increase, and I truly believe that the University of Groningen with the IRIO programme is giving me the tools to make that goal possible.

Golden Tip

My biggest tip for the application process at the University of Groningen is to be persistent and to use all of the resources available to you. When I applied, because I went to three different high schools, sending all of the necessary information the university needed was very difficult. However, the Student Information and Administration desk is a lovely resource, and everyone at the university will help you with any problems you have.

My biggest piece of advice for being in the IRIO programme is to keep up with your work and do a little bit every day. At the start of the study it can feel very overwhelming, but by doing daily maintenance you realize that it is manageable for sure. Additionally, make sure you take full advantage of all of the resources available to you through the university.

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