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Arts Lecture - Opening of the Faculty of Arts Academic Year

The Arts Lecture is a lecture in which a prominent person presents his or her opinion on the importance of the Arts (including languages, art, literature, media, history, art history, archaeology and communication) to society. The lecture lasts about 40 minutes and is preceded by an introduction by the Dean. The Arts Lecture has marked the official opening of the new academic year at the Faculty of Arts for over 25 years and has thus become a well-established tradition.

The Arts Lecture 2019 will be held on Tuesday 3 September 2019. Lecturer is none other than Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal. The subject of the lecture is 'Truth in a time of truthiness. How journalism can overcome challenges like fake news, autocracy and polarization'. Eelco was a student at the Praedinius Gymnasium and studied American Studies at the University of Groningen. Nowadays he is mainly known for his work as a television journalist and reporter / presenter. For many years he was an American correspondent for the NOS.

Eelco Bosch
Stine Jensen
Katherine Watson
Ramsey Nasr
Farah Karimi
Wim Pijbes

Recent speakers include:

  • 2019 - Eelco Bosch: 'Truth in a time of truthiness. How journalism can overcome challenges like fake news, autocracy and polarization'
  • 2018 - Stine Jensen: 'Salinger bellen - Over de kracht van de literaire verbeelding'
  • 2017 - Katherine Watson: 'Leadership in spaces of intersection: are we ready?'
  • 2016 - Ramsey Nasr: 'Here comes the poetry'
  • 2015 - Farah Karimi: ‘Post 2015 – en route to a new future’
  • 2014 - Wim Pijbes: ‘Het museum van Nederland’ [The museum of the Netherlands]
  • 2013 - Sophie in’t Veld: ‘Europese talenrijkdom’ [The wealth of languages in Europe]
  • 2012 - Anna Enquist: ‘Het levensverhaal in psychotherapie en biografie’ [Life stories in psychotherapy and biography]
  • 2011 - Femke Halsema: ‘Politici in film en tv-series’ [Politicians in films and TV series]
  • 2010 - Ronald Giphart: ‘Humor als ondergeschoven stijlfiguur in de Nederlandse literatuur’ [Humour as a subordinate style figure in Dutch literature]
  • 2009 - Hans Goedkoop: ‘Hoe het gaat met ons historisch besef’ [On the state of our historical awareness]
  • 2008 - Henk van Os: ‘Musea als kathedralen’ [Museums as cathedrals]
  • 2007 - Annejet van der Zijl: ‘Oud is in’ [Old is in]
  • 2006 - Jan Blokker: ‘Het vergeten Geesteskenmerk’ [The forgotten feature]
  • 2005 - Klaas van Berkel: ‘Benauwde Letteren’ [Anxious arts]
  • 2004 - Abram de Swaan: ‘De talenstudie in Europa XL’ [Language degrees in Europe XL]
  • 2003 - Elsbeth Etty: ‘Een tweede leven voor juffrouw Laps’ [A second life for Miss Laps]
  • 2002 - Marcel Möring: ‘Erfenis en gedachtegoed: Over de rol van de letteren in veranderende tijden’ [Heritage and philosophical legacy: On the role of the arts in changing times]
  • 2001 - Kees ‘t Hart: ‘Voor wie schrijven?’ [For whom do we write?]
  • 2000 - Winnie Sorghdrager: ‘Cultuur en Overheid’ [Culture and government]
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