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Open Call for RUG students to apply for the Pan-European Seal (PES) Professional Traineeship Programme

19 February 2024

Are you a bachelor or a master graduate in law, economics and finance, science and engineering, human resources and business administration, international relations and communication? Do you want to Kick-start your international career in intellectual property (IP)? Do you want to broaden your horizons by working abroad? Do you want to work with inspiring people from a variety of cultures? Then you should apply to the Pan-European Seal (PES) Programme.

Pan-European Seal (PES) Programme

1.     What is the Pan-European Seal (PES) Programme?

It is a comprehensive traineeship programme that bridges academia and the labour market in different fields (IP, law, finance, business, engineering, etc.). It is jointly promoted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain and the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Germany. For more information about the Pan-European Seal Programme (PES), please see:

2.     What are the benefits for you?

ou are keen to expand your experience by participating in internships. The Pan-European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme manages the traineeships programmes at the EUIPO and EPO premises. These are competitive 12 month paid traineeships. The remuneration is approximately 1200 per month for the EUIPO traineeship and 2000 per month for the EPO traineeship.

After finishing your traineeship at the EUIPO/EPO :

  • you have the opportunity to attend a Career event to help you find your career path,
  • you have the opportunity to apply for a second traineeship to the other office respectively.
  • you have access to the Talent Bank Platform, an online tool that allows associated and private partners to offer traineeships or job opportunities to Pan European Seal alumni in various areas (IP, Communication, IT, Finance etc)
  • and much more..

3.     Who can apply (eligibility criteria)?

Candidates must, by the start of respectively their contract with the EUIPO or their employment with the EPO (that is mid-September 2024):

a) have obtained a diploma of completed university studies at bachelor's level or its equivalent (first cycle of a higher education course);

b) be a national of one of the EPO's member states. In the case of the EUIPO, trainees shall be selected from among nationals of the Members States of the European Union. A limited number of nationals of candidate countries and third countries, amounting to approximately 10% of the available positions, may be accepted;

c) have completed a minimum of one online EUIPO Academy Learning Portal course completed with certificate or, one EPO e-learning course, depending on the Organisation where each candidate respectively sends their application to;

d) have knowledge of one of EUIPO's five working languages (German, English, French, Italian or Spanish) at a minimum attested level of B1 following the Common European Framework of Reference for languages or, in the case of the EPO, have excellent knowledge of one of the EPO's official languages (German, English or French);

e) in the case of application for traineeship at the EUIPO, not have benefited or be benefiting from any kind of in-service traineeship (paid or unpaid) and not be or have been an assistant to a member of the Parliament, a contractual consultant or intra-muros researcher, or a temporary or contract agent, auxiliary or interim staff member within a European Institution, agency or body.

4.     What is the selection process?

  • 29 February 2024 : RUG sends the EUIPO/EPO candidates shortlist to the EUIPO and EPO.
  • 01-31 March 2024 : Shortlisted candidates (only) submit their online applications through the EUIPO e-recruitment too l
  • 01-30 April 2024 : Independent pre-selection process at EUIPO and EPO
  • From May until July 2024: Candidates are interviewed and selected by the EUIPO and EPO
  • Mid-September 2024 : Start of the traineeship Programme at EUIPO and EPO

5.     What is needed?

You need to be shortlisted/nominated by our University. Therefore, By the 26th of February, 2024 at the latest, you need to send to Dr. Marina Markellou ( m.markellou ) :

  • Your full CV
  • A language proficiency certificate (see point 3).
  • A copy of your diploma of completed university studies at bachelor's level or its equivalent (see point 3) or a statement that by the 15th of September you will have completed your university studies at bachelor's level or its equivalent
  • A copy of your academic transcript
  • A short motivation letter (max 300 words) explaining why you want to apply for the PES programme
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