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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI JTS Themes A Roadmap to Data Autonomy

Data Science & Society Symposium

Wanneer:do 29-06-2023 10:30 - 18:00
Waar:De Beurs (Wirdumerdijk 34) Leeuwarden

Societal and academic experts discuss the current state of datafication in society

Data Science is changing rapidly with the continuous emergence of new technological capabilities and enhanced methods to analyze, store and share data which stem from the ‘datafication’ process happening in society today. The rapid and profound changes occurring in different scientific disciplines raise the questions: how could society engage with these developments, and should it engage with them at all?

Interdisciplinary approaches and solutions will be identified that enable society to reap the benefits of datafication, and use data to produce fair, just and sustainable outcomes that promote human dignity.

This symposium also marks the end of the first year of the Data Science & Society bachelor programme at Campus Fryslân, University of Groningen.