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Sports and financial self-management to improve social participation of young people with a psychotic disorder

09 June 2020

By awarding two grants, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) is giving a major boost to research into social participation of young people with a psychotic disorder by the Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology at the University of Groningen (UG). The first project that can count on the support of NWO revolves around the stimulation of participation by sports and the deployment of sports coaches. The other study focuses on improving the financial self-management of this vulnerable group. The double award comes from the NWO programme'Social (re-)integration of adolescents and adults with autism and psychosis'. In total it concerns a grant amount of more than 800,000 euros.

Sports and social participation

The first project is a collaboration between, among others, the University of Groningen, GGZ Drenthe, NHL Stenden and Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and is about stimulating social participation by sport. Many people with psychosis have poor physical health and a sedentary lifestyle. Sport has a stimulating effect on physical as well as cognitive and mental health. This study investigates the effect of sports together with sports coaches (i.e. outside mental health care institutions) for young people with a psychosis.

Main applicants: Marieke Pijnenborg (professor of clinical and developmental neuropsychology UG) and Laura Steenhuis (GGZ Drenthe).

Co-applicants: Jooske van Busschbach (Hogeschool Windesheim), Nynke Boonstra (NHL Stenden), Claudia Emck (VU), Clement Waarheid (GGZ Drenthe), Johan Stegeman (GGZnet) and Jakob de Boer (Lentis).

Financial self-management and social participation  

Social participation is very important for young people with a psychotic disorder. Often they are forced to stop work, school and other activities and contacts with family and friends are under pressure. This project is about financial self-management for young people with a psychotic disorder. The project starts with a study of their financial needs and to what extent these can be a barrier to participation. After mapping cognitive, clinical and contextual factors that influence financial decisions, the researchers will also evaluate interventions aimed at improving financial management.

Main applicants: Richard Bruggeman (Professor of Neuropsychiatry of Psychotic Disorders UG), and Janneke Koerts (Department of Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology UG).

Co-applicants: Lydia Krabbendam (VU), Roeland van Geuns (Hogeschool Amsterdam), Stynke Castelein (UG), Oliver Tucha (UG), Lieuwe de Haan (Amsterdam UMC), Hans Geleinse (Ypsilon) Suzan Vos (RGOc), Suzanne Kroon (Municipality of Groningen), Gerben Westerhof (U-Twente).

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