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I am looking for a coach

The coaching services

The Coach Workshop is a place where you, as a psychology student during your study or working as a teaching assistant, or as an employee of the department of Psychology, can be supported by a qualified coach.By means of individual coaching sessions the coach will support you in obtaining new insights, so that you can make and implement different/new choices and experience less stress in your studies or work. Examples of coaching questions are:

  • Do you experience high work pressure in your studies?
  • Do you sometimes ask yourself whether studying Psychology was the right choice?
  • Do you want to improve your study habits?
  • Do you want to earn high(er) grades?
  • Do you procrastinate a lot?
  • Are you at risk of not achieving the norm of the Binding Study Advice?
  • Do you have difficulties adjusting to studying and/or living in the Netherlands?
  • Do you want to study more efficiently?

If you recognize yourself in any of these questions or you have another coaching question, please apply for the coaching services. After you register, a coach will be assigned to you. You will be contacted by the coach for a preliminary coaching meeting. Then you can decide whether you want to continue with the coaching sessions.

The coaching services consist on average of five sessions of about an hour.

The coaching is free of charge, because the Coach Workshop is a project of the Psychology program in which the coaches can expand their experience.


You are expected to be open minded and willing to cooperate during the coaching process. You remain responsible for your own growth and development. Part of coaching is to reflect on the coaching sessions. Therefore, the coach will ask you in the last coaching session to write a short report (about one A4) about your goals and learning experiences. You will send this report to your coach, who will send it to the coach workshop. Your information will be kept confidential. Further, you may also be asked to participate in research on coaching.

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