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I would like to coach

I’d like to coach
Coaching consists of guiding students and/or employees in their personal and professional development during study activities or work (for example in the position of a student-assistant). The basic principle is that the coachees themselves gain new insights that allow them to make better decisions, experience less stress and function optimally in their studies or work.

If you have completed the Coaching course (PSMAV-5), you can work as a coach at the coaching platform. This platform offers the possibility to conduct coaching conversations on a voluntary basis. You can gain work experience here after your graduation. As proof of your work, you can receive a statement for each coaching trajectory.

If a student/employee wants to be coached, you will be given the contact details of the prospective coachee and the coachee will receive your contact details. The coach and the coachee will then make appointments for the coaching sessions.

Participation in the coaching workshop as a coach entails agreement to a few conditions. See below.

When you both agree to work together, you and the coachee will compose a coaching contract. You will also evaluate whether there is a trusting work relationship during the coaching sessions. You will also actively participate in professional development activities such as peer review / supervision, and intervision sessions. When the coaching services are completed, you will write a self-evaluation report. After completion of the coaching trajectory, you will need to hand in your coaching contract and reflection report, in addition to a short report by your coachee, at In return, you could receive a certification of your made coaching and intervision hours. As a coach, you will adhere to the professional code of the NIP (Dutch Psychology Association). Finally, there is a possibility that you will be approached to participate in research projects.

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