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Research Questions

Audre project addresses the following research questions:

  1. How do or did LGBTQIA youth and young adults experience their out-of-home placement during their childhood?
  2. What are carers’ stereotypes, attitudes, norms and values regarding LGBTQIA?

Why is Audre important?

LGBTQIA youth in the child protection and welfare system may experience several disadvantages during their childhood. For them, stressors (e.g., discrimination, stigma, lack of tailored services) may add up to the experiences of being placed in out-of- home care. Therefore, it is important to create a stimulating, non-discriminatory context, where there is room for the young person’s sexual orientation and gender identity and which takes into account their social context and own strategies of resilience. Research on how to create a safe and supportive context for LGBTQIA youth in out-of-home care and how to enhance the skills of carers working with them is therefore of utmost importance.

Last modified:05 April 2019 11.18 a.m.
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