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Method and participants

How does Audre work?

Expert group
Audre includes LGBTQIA youth and young adults throughout various stages of the research project. Do you want to join us? You will contribute to the design and delivery of the research project with a role of advisor and co-researcher. The group will meet at crucial moments of the project, such as the development of the research tools, the interpretation and dissemination of the findings.

Audre seeks to get in touch with LGBTQIA youth and young adults who are or have been in foster care or residential care and who are willing to share their story with us. Are you interested in talking about your own experiences in care? How was it for you? What would you like to change? If you want to participate in this interview, we will meet you at your preferred location or chat with you via phone, messenger, or Skype. We will treat your story with confidentiality and respect, and it will be used to help highlight the voices of LGBTQIA youth and young adults in care.

Focus groups
Audre includes focus-groups with carers, such as group care workers or foster carers. We will discuss with experiences, opinions, needs and expertise regarding LGBTQIA youth.

Your participation in Audre matters

We are looking for:

  • 16-30 year olds who identify as LGBTQIA+ and have or had experience with foster care or residential care.
  • Carers (foster carers or group care workers) who work with young people

If you are willing to participate in any way (expert group, interview or focus group) or want to receive more information about the project, please contact us at


The research team has signed a confidentiality agreement, so we will not share any information about individual participants with anyone.* The interviews and focus-groups will be analysed without any information that leads back to the individual participants (such as names, places, or organisations). We would like to record the interview with a voice-recorder, unless you do not want this. We will store the data safely, so nobody besides the research team has access to it. Your recording from the interview will not be shared anywhere. Your name will not be able to be linked to your answers. At any point in time, you can choose to discontinue your participation in the project. The results will be disseminated through research reports, policy briefings, scientific papers, multimedia resources, and conferences. No individual response will be traceable in the project outputs.

* Only when the safety of an individual participant is at stake we are obliged to share this with an organisation specialized in youth care.

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