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Nina Hansen appointed professor

04 January 2023

Nina Hansen has been promoted to adjunct professor at the UG since 1 September 2022. Her chair focuses on the social psychology of cultural change. The focus is on both cultural change and adaptation caused by migration or caused by processes such as modernization and cultural innovations, which can be introduced by aid projects in the Global South (e.g., microfinance services, new technologies, and novel education initiatives).

More specifically, her work focuses on (1) understanding how different aspects of modernization may trigger intended but also unintended psychological, social and cultural change and adaptations (e.g., changes in social relationships), (2) designing psychological interventions to empower marginalized people, and (3) monitoring and evaluating cultural change and adaptations and the impact of interventions. In her work, Nina Hansen collaborates with societal actors ranging from grass-root organizations, municipalities, governments, and leading international agencies such as the World Bank and UNHCR.

Nina Hansen 2022

Her research offers outcomes relevant for theory and practice. The objective of the chair is to develop and test social psychological theories to explain cultural change and adaptation trajectories, among others by focusing on dynamics within cultures. From a practical perspective, the chair aims to contribute to the knowledge about how to best introduce and implement ‘modern’ innovations that aim to strengthen the position of marginalized people while aiming to avoid possible negative consequences relevant for the involved stakeholders.Nina Hansen is very excited about the recognition of her work and is looking forward to expanding her research in close collaboration with her collaborators and societal stakeholders.

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