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Matthijs Warrens appointed associate professor

17 May 2022
Matthijs Warrens
Matthijs Warrens

Matthijs Warrens has been promoted to adjunct professor at the UG. In his current research he investigates the school careers of students in primary and secondary education.
He examines which student and school characteristics have a positive influence on the learning development and learning behavior of students and which customized learning pathway best suits students with additional support needs.


Matthijs Warrens received his master's degree in psychology and bachelor's degree in mathematics from Leiden University. In 2008 he received his PhD with a dissertation on similarity measures for binary data. In 2015, he started working as an associate professor at GION.


The field of the chair is 'Educational sciences, in particular the modeling of educational data', focusing on research in which the understanding and explanation of educational practice is central. The research focuses on the application of models from data mining and statistics to understand and explain relationships and patterns in educational data. At the macro and meso level, the research contributes to adjusting and improving educational policies within which educational institutions and schools operate. At the micro level, the research focuses on understanding and explaining student and teacher development.


In September 2022, Matthijs will be conducting research into the effects of shadow education together with ReMa student Nynke Douma, who recently received a PhD fund grant, and associate professor Anouk Zuurmond (Pedagogy). Think off tutoring or exam training. Research is being conducted on what effect shadow education has on students' school careers and what these effects of shadow education mean for equity in education.

Teacher Fenny Visscher recently received a Promotion grant for teachers from NWO. Together with Hanke Korpershoek, Matthijs will be doing research in the next years into work pressure among elementary school teachers. They will look at which tasks increase the workload according to the teachers and which situations at school can increase the workload. It will also be investigated which personal characteristics of a teacher can cause him or her to experience work pressure.

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