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People with sensitivity to psychosis are more often dissatisfied with their finances

19 April 2024
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People who are sensitive to psychosis are more often dissatisfied with their financial situation than those who do not experience this, according to recent research. For the study, data from more than five thousand individuals with sensitivity to psychosis were examined. The researchers conclude that it is crucial for clinicians to pay attention to financial problems in their clinical practice.

According to the research, between one in five and one in three people with sensitivity to psychosis reported financial dissatisfaction, depending on the specific year in which the question was asked. These percentages are three to four times higher than those in the general Dutch population, as indicated by data from Statistics Netherlands.


Josephien Jansen, Janneke Koerts, and colleagues identified several factors associated with financial dissatisfaction. Especially people who use cannabis or other drugs reported a significantly greater degree of financial dissatisfaction. Among cannabis users with sensitivity to psychosis, the percentages of financial dissatisfaction even rose to more than 40%.

No relationship

Interestingly, financial dissatisfaction was not related to general and psychiatric characteristics, overall well-being, and social functioning. This suggests that financial dissatisfaction can occur in all people with sensitivity to psychosis, regardless of factors such as age or duration of illness.


The researchers emphasize that financial dissatisfaction is a significant stress factor in people with sensitivity to psychosis and can potentially have serious consequences for their mental health, self-care, and social and societal functioning. Therefore, according to them, it is crucial for clinicians working with this population to pay attention to financial problems in their clinical practice.

Participants Wanted

Jansen and Koerts plan to continue their research and pay more attention to financial problems, financial dissatisfaction, and financial self-sufficiency of people with sensitivity to psychosis. Currently, they are looking for participants for the study, especially healthy adults between the ages of 30 and 45 with a practical education (such as vocational education). Participation in the study is rewarded with a compensation of €20.

The research team encourages interested individuals to contact them for more information about the study. This can be done through Josephien Jansen: or 050-3632009

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