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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Methodology shop

Schedule and specializations


The employees of the Methodology Shop are student assistants hired by the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences who work one morning or afternoon per week (check the schedule!).

Our current employees are Cristian ( EN), Ilse (NL/EN), Suprabha (EN) and Yong (EN).

The supervision of the Methodology Shop is carried out by staff member Anja Ernst. If you are interested to work at the Methodology shop, please contact Anja Ernst. Do not contact her for any statistical or methodological questions. In that case, book an online consultation or post your question on the online forum.


Use this table to find the most fitting shopkeeper to help with your (advanced) analysis.

Statistical techniques Basic Advanced
Bayesian analysis methods Yong
Cluster Analysis Yong
Discriminant Analysis Cris, Yong
Factor Analysis Cris Yong
Item Response Theory Ilse
Man(c)ova Ilse, Cris, Yong
Mediator & Moderator analysis   Cris, Yong, Ilse
Missing Data Suprabha, Cris, Ilse Yong
Multilevel analysis Yong, Cris, Suprabha
Qualitative research methods Ilse
Repeated measures Suprabha Cris, Yong
Social Network Analysis Yong
Structural Equation Modelling Yong
Time Series Analysis Yong, Suprabha
Applications Basic Advanced
JASP Ilse Cris, Yong
Matlab Cris, Yong
Open Sesame Cris
Python Suprabha, Yong
Qualtrics Ilse, Cris
R(studio) Suprabha, Ilse, Cris, Yong
MLwiN Cris, Yong, Suprabha
Syntax (SPSS) Ilse, Yong, Cris


You can find the schedule of The Methodology Shop and book appointments on our calendar page
Please make sure to check the opening times for each day, as they can alter between mornings (09:00 - 13:00) and afternoons (13:00 - 17:00).

We are closed during Christmas holiday. During the summer we are open two days a week on average.

During a busy shift students of the BSS faculty will receive precedence! In practice, this means that when the shop is very busy students from other faculties will have to solve their problems with help of their own faculty.

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