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Current PhD Research

‘One of the characteristics of the education and research at Groningen is the width of the field in which religion is studied’ (prof. Ed Noort). This width of research on religion is represented to a great extent in the great diversity of running and completed PhD projects.

Within or connected to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, a number of young researchers study religious phenomena in diverse contexts, ranging from antiquity to modern times, and from the Netherlands to Tanzania, India and the worldwide web. They focus on: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and new religious movements. In addition to examining ancient and modern texts, many of them conduct interviews and engage in other qualitative fieldwork, varying from visiting rooms of silence to participating in shamanistic rituals.

Furthermore, the research consists of both ‘religious’ topics as well as topics in which religion plays a role of (major) importance. For example, while some of us study Paul’s ideas on social and ethnic boundaries or do research on mortification practices in monastic life, other PhD students work on feelings of ‘home’ amongst second-generation Turkish and Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands, or the role of religion in developmental organisations. Our PhD research, which comprises both the fields of Religious Studies and Theology, is based on a variety of scientific perspectives, characteristic of the tradition of these two disciplines in Groningen, including anthropology of religion, text criticism, psychology of religion, media studies and cultural history.

The short summaries given here intend to give an impression of the vast range of topics under scrutiny, and at the same time provides an update of interesting and promising new research on religion, carried out in Groningen. Readers who want to know more about a specific research topic, can consult the different departments in the left menu to find the different research topics that are carried out here.

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