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Master Class: Problems and Possibilities of Studying Comparative Religion

Wanneer:wo 18-09-2013 09:00 - 11:00
Waar:Room 130

Following on from his talk on 'The Politics of Iconoclasm', dr. James Noyes of the Paris Institute of Political Sciences will give a class on the theoretical and methodological challenges in writing about, and comparing, different religious traditions. How can a comparative Religious Studies overcome the dangers of anachronism, categorical error, and generalization? Should such comparative work be the focus of today's inter-disciplinary Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies? Or should it be avoided by experts in their fields? Dr. Noyes will talk about his own comparative approach to different religious and political traditions, and looks forward to discussing this with the experiences of the scholarly community in Groningen.

Location: Room 130, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies Oude Boteringestraat, 38, Groningen