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Integration of artificial molecular switches in catalytic systems

PhD ceremony:Ms H. (Hasnaa) El Said El Sayed
When:June 25, 2024
Supervisors:N.H. (Nathalie) Katsonis, Prof, W.R. (Wesley) Browne, Prof
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Integration of artificial molecular switches in catalytic systems

Artificial molecular machines offer the advantage of being remotely modified and controlled by external stimuli, such as light, making them suitable as building blocks for various applications. These molecules possess the ability to be triggered like switches, transitioning between different stable states, each of which possesses its distinct features. This enables the creation of responsive systems that may adapt their characteristics in reaction to external stimuli.

In her thesis, Hasnaa El Said El Sayed explores the use of photo-responsive ligands to manipulate atoms at the molecular level, resulting in building precise architectures with tailored functionalities. She investigated the power of artificial switches and light as tools for bottom-up construction of precise structures from nanomaterial components, offering new avenues for advancements in catalysis and beyond.