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Unveiling the interplay between glucose metabolism and cell size in yeasts

PhD ceremony:X. (Xiang) Li, M
When:June 17, 2024
Supervisors:M. (Matthias) Heinemann, Prof, A. (Andreas) Milias Argeitis, Prof
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Unveiling the interplay between glucose metabolism and cell size in

The work presented in the thesis of Xiang Li focused on establishing robust experimental methods to characterize the physiology of yeasts, and on studying the relationship between cell size and metabolism across different yeast species.

L: 'In Chapter 2, we compared two prevailing quenching-extraction methods for quantitative metabolome analyses with yeast and found significant discrepancies between the two methods, showing that the methanol-quenching combined with boiling-ethanol-extraction is the more accurate method when aiming to quantify a broad range of intracellular metabolites.

In Chapter 3, we provided insights into the origin of the glucose carryover effect when measuring intracellular glucose levels and suggested a possible method to measure intracellular glucose concentrations while correcting the carryover effect.

In Chapter 4, we characterized both the morphology and physiological parameters of sixteen prototrophic yeast strains of eleven species and found a strong correlation between cell size and glucose metabolism, with the glucose uptake rates being lower in cells with increased surface area-to-volume ratios. Combined with the evidence that the rate of glucose uptake determined other key physiological parameters, our work showed that the rate of glucose metabolism, either by rate of glucose transport or rate of glycolysis, could be responsible for both cell size and physiology in yeasts.'