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Advanced Materials

The theme Advanced Materials benefits from Engineering input in biochemical and chemical engineering, applied physics, and mechanical and industrial engineering. Engineering expertise is offered in:

  • Electronics of materials
    Research focuses on single molecule devices, molecular assemblies, 2Dimensional Carbon and other materials and 1Dimensional Carbon, oxides and inorganic semiconductors, organic-inorganic hybrids, and on functionalities with these materials: improved transport (transistors, spintronic devices); light collection and emission (photodetectors and light emitting diodes); data retention (memories); energy harvesting (solar cells, piezoelectrics and thermoelectrics).
  • Mechanical engineering of materials
    Internationally reputed teams conduct research on: Casimir forces and MEMS, In-situ mechanical microscopy, Laser surface engineering and additive processing, Nanoparticles, Nano-composites and nano-porous materials, Phase change materials for memory, Size effects and multiscale plasticity, Smart materials for actuation and sensing
  • Biobased materials
    Research is conducted in the field of biobased chemicals and performance materials, include both chemo-catalytic and bio-catalytic approaches and encompass process and product engineering activities.
Of particular interest are:
  • the development of techno-economically viable value chains including biomass selection and pre-treatment, conversion to low molecular weight building blocks which are subsequently converted to green advanced polymers and composites
  • the development and optimization of advanced materials from biopolymers (starch, cellulose, lignin, proteins) and other natural products (fats, oil) by enzymatic conversion processes or chemical and physical modifications.
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