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Mechanical engineering of materials

On this page you may find examples of successful projects developed in the area of Mechanical engineering of materials by Engineering researchers at the University of Groningen and public and private partners. The list will be constantly updated with new promising initiatives.

Fundamentals in the adhesion of PVD ZnMg-coatings for the next generation steels

Prof. Dr. Yutao Pei’s project , developed at the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen was awarded by the Technology Foundation as part of its initiative to support the High Tech Systems and Materials Top Sector . The project is driven by the desire of Tata Steel Europe to develop PVD continuously coated strips as a breakthrough technology for depositing anti-corrosion ZnMg coatings on NGS strip. It aims at understanding how the adhesion property of PVD ZnMg coatings on NGS is influenced by PVD including the subsequent thermal processes, and by the chemical composition and microstructure of the coating and substrates. These parameters will be used to predict the mechanical performance of substrate-coating systems during subsequent thermal and forming operations by micromechanical simulations. The ultimate goal is to solve the adhesion problem of novel PVD ZnMg-based multilayer coated NGS by optimizing the coating design and interface structure, and enhancing interfacial bonding through hybrid ion implantation and thermal activated intermetallic reactions, and/or by employing an adhesion interlayer.

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