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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Groningen Engineering Center (GEC)

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Full Members:

prof. dr. ir. David Lentink ESRIG

Biomimetics & Bioinspired design, Animal Flight, Comparative Biomechanics, Biofluid Dynamics, Aerial Robotics, Bioinspired Autonomous Navigation and Control, Measurement System Design, High-speed 3D Imaging and Fluoroscopy, Solid Mechanics and Structural Design, Aerospace engineering

dr. Johannes Miocic ESRIG subsurface utilization, carbon capture and storage, geothermal energy and reservoir processes
dr. Anatoli Mokhov ESRIG Combustion Technology
prof. Eize Stamhuis ESRIG Biological fluid mechanics and locomotion of marine, aquatic and aerial organisms
prof. dr. Antonis Vakis ENTEG Tribology and Lubrication, Multiscale Contact Mechanics; Mechanical Design; Manufacturing Processes; Renewable Energy; Biomechanics

Associate Members:

prof. dr. Huilin Chen


Greenhouse Gases, Atmospheric Monitoring Techniques, Aircores

dr. Ulrike Dusek


Air quality, Carbonaceous Aerosol, Aerosol Source Partitioning, Radiocarbon

prof. dr. Harro A.J. Meijer


Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases: Fossil Fuels, Antrhopogenic Emissions, Climate Change/ Isotope Physics:Natural Stable Isotopes, Isotopes as Tracers, Radiocarbon, Bio/fossil Ratios in Materials and Fuels

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