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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Groningen Engineering Center (GEC)

Biochemical Engineering

Full Members:

dr. Peter Deuss


Chemicals from Renewable Resources, Lignin, Lignocellulose

prof. dr. Gert-Jan Euverink

Bioprocesstechnology, Separation Technology, Water Technology, High Throughput Screening, Enzymology, Proteomics and transcriptomics

prof. dr. Erik Frijlink


Dosage forms for drugs, biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs, industrial production of dosage forms, pulmonary drug administration; Stabilisation of biopharmaceutical drugs (proteins, vaccins); Sugar glass technology; Tablets; Targeted oral administration; Coating, formulation of poorly soluble drugs, Formulation and innovative routes of administration for vaccines

prof. dr. ir. Erik Heeres


Chemical reaction engineering, catalysis, renewables, biofuels, biobased chemicals

dr. Edita Jurak


Analytical Chemistry. Carbohydrate and enzyme characterization, protein and DNA analysis, gene expression and protein purification, plant biomass.

prof. dr. Oscar Kuipers


Molecular Genetics, Synthetic Biology, Antimicrobial Peptide Engineering, Protein Engineering, Plant Biocontrol, Horizontal Gene Transfer

prof. dr. Marc vd Maarel


Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, Microbiology, Food Science & Technology, Intellectual Property and Patents , Applied Biocatalysis, Starch, Carbohydrates

Associate Members:

dr. Christoffer Åberg GRIP Nanoparticle-cell Interactions, Nanomedicine, Nanosafety

dr. Andreas Milias Argeitis


Systems Biology, Mathematical Modelling, Machine Learning, Probability and Statistics

prof. dr. Arnold Driessen


Metabolic pathway engineering in Microorganisms, Biochemistry & molecular biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology

prof. dr. ir. Marco Fraaije GBB

Enzyme discovery, Enzyme engineering, Metabolic engineering, Biocatalysis

prof. dr. Dick Janssen GBB Enzyme discovery and engineering, Biocatalysis, Biotransformation protein engineering
prof. dr. Gerrit Poelarends GRIP Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, EnzymeEngineering, Metabolic Engineering, Biocatalysis
prof. dr. Sabeth Verpoorte GRIP Lab-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, Miniaturized Total Analysis Systems
Prof. dr. Wim Quax GRIP

Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, EnzymeEngineering, Metabolic Engineering, Biocatalysis

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