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Books and other materials

During your courses, study books are regularly used as a source of information. You can choose to buy these study books yourself independently (online or via the bookshop), but the study association Lugus offers you another option that is both easier and cheaper. As the study association orders books in great numbers, the association has been able to get a discount from the book supplier, which is advantageous for you.

Which study books do I need?

In your admission letter you received the courses that are part of your premaster programme. You can find extensive information on the courses of your degree programme in Ocasys. For each course the obligatory literature is stated, which often is a study book.

Procedure for ordering

Books for semester Ia can be ordered between 2nd of July and 18th of September at the latest. If you order later, we can no longer guarantee that you will receive your books on time. The procedure for ordering your books consists of the following steps:

1. Become a member of the study association
2. Place your order
3. Pay your order
4. Receive your order within just a couple of days

1: become a member of the study association
If you want to order your books cheaply via the study association, you will first need to become a member. You can take care of this easily online by visiting Click on ‘Join Lugus - Become a member’ and follow the steps and instructions. (Alternatively, you can become a member on the IEM Introduction Day). The membership fee is exceeded by the discount on your books, which makes joining Lugus practically free of charge.

2: Place your order
To order your books, please go to and click on the menu item ‘Study’ and subsequently on ‘Book sale’ and follow the steps and instructions.

3: Pay your order
Payment of your order will take place at the end of the ordering procedure. The costs can be paid by using iDeal. You do not need a Dutch bank account.

4: Receive your order
When ordered, the books will be delivered to your home address (in the Netherlands) within two working days. Make sure you order your books in time.

Further information, questions and contact:
If you have any questions do not hesitate to send an email to board

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