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Finding your way around campus

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is located in two main areas in Groningen. Most facilities are located at the Zernike campus, with several of the more medical programmes located downtown at the Antonius Deusinglaan (ADL) near to the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

Each building and room or lecture hall within it has a dedicated indicative number. The first four digits of a location indicate the building number; the first two digits after the period indicate the floor number and the last two digits indicate the room number. Some buildings contain multiple building numbers. Take LB 5173.0217 as an example. LB indicates the general building: Linnaeusborg, which consists of multiple building numbers; ‘5173’ indicates which specific part of the Linnaeusborg you need to be in. Room 0217 is on the second floor, in room 17.

For the complete list of RUG buildings, check here:

Map of Zernike Campus

During the pre-master Biomedical Sciences you will mainly have lectures in the Bernoulliborg, Linnaeusborg, Energy Academy and Nijenborgh 4.

Campus Tours FSE

General Campus Tours
Nijenborgh 4
Energy Academy
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