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Welcome to your Programme

Dear prospective student,

With this message we would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) of the University of Groningen (UG). Please read this website carefully to have a good start of your MSc degree programme in 2023/2024. We hope you will enjoy your studies in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics, that you will have the joy of a beautiful mathematical proof, that you feel the struggles to get that proof, that you conduct research to make the world a bit better. Please be very welcome to join us on that journey of (Applied) Mathematics.

In our master programmes Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, we have a lot of choices in several specializations with many elective courses. At first this can seem a bit confusing, so take your time to think about your programme. Please find all possibilities on Ocasys for:

Mathematics: Science, Business, and Policy
Applied Mathematics

Please also have a look at the Mastermath website: the programme with courses in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics for master's students from all universities in the Netherlands.

Not sure how to plan your programme? Tips on how to create a feasible planning can be found here, and please feel welcome to book an appointment with the academic advisor, she can help you further!

We wish you a pleasant summer, and hope to welcome you in August/September!

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. S. (Stephan) Trenn
Programme Director of the MSc programmes Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

N. (Nathalie) Horsting, MSc
Degree programme coordinator (Master (Applied) Mathematic and System and Control)

K. (Koni) Gier, PhD
Degree programme coordinator (Bachelor (Applied) Mathematic)

M. (Mirjam) Nederveen, MA
Academic Advisor

H.H. (Renate) Reker

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