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Study Association

A study association is an organization run by a team of students from the respective bachelor’s and master’s degree programme(s). The FSE study associations organize many activities for students, including introductory camps and monthly “borrels” (informal social gatherings, often with drinks), but also more serious events such as company visits or conferences. Study associations differ from the general student associations where the degree programme is irrelevant. And study associations do not have hazing rituals.


Welcome to the FMF, short for Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging (international or not, you can just tell that the short version is highly needed). We are the Study Association for students from the (Applied) Mathematics and Physics bachelor and master degree programmes, but with membership open to students from across the FSE. The FMF is the place where you have opportunities to socialise and network with a number of people with different backgrounds, both from your own study, but also related ones. And it is not unusual that you find people from fully different studies sticking around just because they clicked with us. This all creates a colourful environment where all it takes to thrive is to be open-minded and willing to make the most out of your time as a student here! But enough about our community which you will get to see for yourself soon enough.

Why a study association? Starting with the small perks, we have a member’s room, known as the FMF room, where you can drop in between lectures to enjoy a cup of the free coffee or tea or to just chill on the couches. That’s where you can find many other students from a whole range of different years and study directions, always open for a chat, sharing experiences about your study or the bicycle accident you almost got in on the way to uni. The FMF room is also where you can grab one of the free pens or notebooks whenever in need. Not to forget the snacks we sell at student-friendly prices!

The FMF aims to contribute to your student life on 3 levels: social, career and academic and on their overlap and we do so by organising activities that are best presented by Figure 1.

We also organise study-aiding activities, such as practice and catch-up sessions for your exams. Last but not least, it’s important to know that the entire association is run by students, for students. All activities mentioned are organised by our lovely committees. This means that you can also contribute to it. If you want to organise something fun, the FMF can provide you with the means to do it! If you’re interested in this “behind the scenes”, you know where to find us. Or you will know if you keep reading.

Want to see more of us? Check out our website! If you want to make sure you don’t miss the important updates and events, keep an eye on our WhatsApp Broadcast Group. And if you want to have an online preview of the FMF, you can join our Discord Server!

You can totally sail through your studies without ever interacting with any study association. And that’s perfectly fine! But study associations are here to add even more flavour to your student life. Looking forward to meeting with you in September!

Picture 1 - Cool things at the FMF
Picture 1 - Cool things at the FMF
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