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Study Association

A study association is an organization run by a team of students from the respective bachelor’s and master’s degree programme(s). The FSE study associations organize many activities for students, including introductory camps and monthly “borrels” (informal social gatherings, often with drinks), but also more serious events such as company visits or conferences. Study associations differ from the general student associations where the degree programme is irrelevant. And study associations do not have hazing rituals.

(To be updated for 2024/2025)

Along with university comes adventure, development, independency, opportunities, and unique friendships. The lessons you will learn do not only come from the courses you pass, as your college days form a launching platform for your personal development. Study association GLV Idun (In Dutch: Groninger Levenswetenschappen Vereniging Idun) Groningen Life Sciences Association Idun is here to help you get the most out of your days as a student, be it on a social, study, or career level. GLV Idun represents the following study bachelor programmes: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Life Science & Technology.

We organize a wide range of activities and offers several services, which are directly to your advantage:

Social activities, including city trips, a gala, lots of sports and games, recurring Social Drinks in our own Suite located in the Linnaeusborg, and a monthly party in ‘het Pakhuis’ with around 200 attendees.

Study activities, like an annual Symposium, interesting lectures, a Study Tour, Exam Support Sessions for difficult courses, and reserved study spaces known as Learning Communities.

Career activities, like in-house days, networking drinks, speed dates, company excursions, and cases. The association even has a Career Committee, aimed specifically at career-related activities.

• The best deals for books, lab coats, and lab goggles.

• Activities that improve soft skills and personal branding, like CV checks and an academic writing workshop.

To sum up, GLV Idun is essential for a complete study experience in this area of expertise at the University of Groningen!

GLV Idun accomplishes this with the help and effort of 20 committees, all of which contribute to the organization of up to 150 activities per year. Members are free to apply for a committee of their interest. The committees are backed by a board of six persons that work closely together for a year in order to create opportunities for all members, ranging from bachelor students, to master students, to alumni.

If you want to learn more about the study association do not hesitate to check out our brochure, visit the GLV Idun website or contact the board by sending an email.

GLV Idun logo
GLV Idun logo
Last modified:13 May 2024 1.19 p.m.