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Books and other materials

Book sale

During your courses, study books are often used as a source of information. Typically, the study association supplies books at a discount to members. De Chemische Binding does that through its partner WO4You. The study association also provides the option to buy the obligatory lab coat and lab goggles, which is explained below as well.

Which study books do I need?

You can find extensive information on the courses of your degree programme in Ocasys (please consult the manual for Ocasys in the document “IT instructions” of your information package). For each course the obligatory literature is stated, which is often a study book. In our bookstore all the books you will need for each course are already shown, so you do not have to search for them yourself. This holds for each year and period of each programme.

For the sake of convenience, we are providing you here with a list of the books that you will need in period 1A for the Chemistry/Chemical Engineering degree programme:

Name Book



The Chemistry Math Book *(optional)

Erich Steiner


Quantitative Chemical Analysis

Daniel C. Harris


Physical Chemistry: Quanta, Matter, and Change (2nd Edition)

Atkins, de Paula & Friedman


Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, (8th Edition)

Vollhardt & Schore


The study books for the rest of the year can be found again on Ocasys.

How to buy books

The procedure for ordering your books consists of the following steps:

Step 1: become a member of the study association

If you want to order your books for cheap via the study association, you will first need to become a member. You can take care of this easily online by visiting: . The membership only costs €7,50 per year and you will have recovered those costs within your first order. Of course, being a member will provide you with a lot more than just books with discounts, so it is definitely worth it. You can find more information on the study association in a separate document in your information package.

Step 2: Place your order

To order your books, please visit and follow the steps and instructions. To order books at our bookstore you will need an account. This account, however, is different from your general De Chemische Binding account, as we sell the books through our partner. With this account you cannot log onto the website and webmail for example.

Step 3: Pay your order

Payment of your order will take place at the end of the ordering procedure. You can pay by credit card, or by using iDEAL and you do not need a Dutch bank account.

Sale of Lab coat and goggles

You may purchase a lab coat and lab goggles with us as well. The lab coat costs €25,- for members or €30,- for non-members. Furthermore, o nly members are allowed to store their lab coats in the lab room. Normal lab goggles cost €6,- and big lab goggles (which you can pull over your own glasses) cost €10,- for both members and non-members. The big lab goggles are mandatory for anyone who wears contact lenses or glasses, since it is forbidden to wear lenses in the lab. These items can be purchased on the Faculty Introduction Day, which is one of the reasons why it is mandatory to attend this day. The welcome letter from the study association explains how you should sign up for the Faculty Introduction Day.

Further information, questions & contact info

If you have any further questions, please contact board and make sure to also check your spam box for responses. More information on the association and things like our book sale can be found on our site, where book sale can be found under the educational tab..

We hope to see you during the introduction period!

With kind regards,

The Board of De Chemische Binding

Last modified:26 October 2023 09.11 a.m.