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Autonomous Systems

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  • Are you captivated by the high-tech industry or already working within it?
  • Do you wish to explore the intricacies of designing autonomous systems and their cutting-edge technologies?
  • Do you hold a Master's degree in Computing Science, AI, or Mechanical Engineering?
  • Are you proactive and innovative?

Then Autonomous Systems is the programme for you!

Focus of the Autonomous Systems EngD programme

Our EngD programme focuses on the integration of technologies and classic techniques of model-based engineering to create autonomous systems. This will include areas of mechanical engineering, robotics, computing science, AI, among others.

This integration is not done anywhere else yet. In effect, we aim to strengthen the design methods and tools for the development of high-tech software-intensive systems (such as mechatronics, smart manufacturing systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics systems).

Robotic 3D printers

What are autonomous systems?

An autonomous system is a technical entity that, systematically and without external intervention, attains its objectives even in the face of uncertain environmental conditions. The key characteristics considered essential for an industrial autonomous system encompass systematic process execution, 24/7 operation, adaptability to unpredictable and/or uncertain conditions, self-governance, and the self-contained nature of the system.

The field of autonomous systems encompasses foundational, technological and engineering aspects of developing and managing software-intensive systems. These systems are characterized by autonomy and self-adaptation, such as autonomous cars/vehicles, autonomous robots, Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing systems, and Systems of Systems, to mention some examples.

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The importance of autonomous systems

Autonomous Systems evolve from the advancement of software/systems engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, systems & control, and mechatronics. The field has attracted significant interest in improving current production processes, improving the performance of high-tech systems, as well as providing new innovative solutions such as autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots and autonomous machines.

The north of the Netherlands, where Groningen is located, has received an EU label for the European Digital Innovation Hub in Autonomous Systems, and it has led the national activities on Smart Industry. The field of autonomous systems has grown rapidly, following the same trend worldwide, and is part of national programmes in a number of developed countries, such as the United States, European Union, China, South Korea and Japan.

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