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Spatial Planning Group Project


Students who have taken the course "Spatial Problems and Spatial Policies: The Dutch Experience", can participate in a "Spatial Planning Group Project" (SPGP) offered by the Internatonal School of Spatial Policy Studies of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. A "Spatial Planning Group Project" has a credit load of 5 ECTS, which equals 140 hours of study; a group project typically consists of 4 or 5 members. Group Projects are offered in semester 1-b and semester 2-b:

- in the last 4 weeks of 1-a and in the first 6 weeks of 1-b (ending before Christmas) for only those students that need to return home late December because their second semester at their home university starts early January;

- in 1-b (6 weeks before Christmas, continued in January) for other exchange students.

- in 2-b (in the 8 teaching weeks, ending early June).

For exact dates, please see the "Timetables" section.

Topics and Research Process

Topics for "Spatial Planning Group Projects" can be suggested by participants. Accepted exchange students can submit possible group project topics to the International School coordinator before the start of the course. The International School coordinator will reflect on the topics proposed, taking into consideration factors such as the availability of a supervisor (from the staff of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences), the potential existence of language barriers, the size and diversity of the group and other relevant issues.

Other course information

  • Group members are required to attend all work-in-progress meetings. These meetings will take place once or twice a week with the group supervisor. In the first part of the SPGP, these work-in-progress meetings are aimed at developing an academic research proposal, which positions the research topic in it's relevant theoretical context and which clearly presents the research goal, research questions and research design. In the second part of the SPGP, the work-in-progress meetings aim to support the data collection. In the last part of the SPGP, the meetings will be used to discuss the draft end report and finally the final version of the end report.
  • The SPGP course is supported by a small number of lectures at the beginning that aim to instruct students on research design and research methods.
  • The format for the Spatial Planning Group Project (SPGP) is 5 EC, which translates into 140 hours of participation per member. In the 6 week run in semester 1-b, this translates into 3 full days of 8 hours per day per group member. In the normal 8 week run in semester 1-b and in semester 2-b, this translates into just over 2 full days per week per group member.
  • Group projects must be finished before the end of the semester-part in which they have started.
  • Each SPGP will result in a written report, constructed and presented according to standard academic rules. The individual contributions of group members should be identifiable by explicitly including the name of the author(s) for each section.
  • Any costs (e.g., travel costs, photocopy costs) involved in the execution of the SPGP are considered to be normal course-related costs which must be paid for by the participants of that group.
  • SPGPs are only open to exchange students visiting the Faculty of Spatial Sciences that have participated in the course 'Spatial Problems and Spatial Policies' in a previous teaching term.


Course coordinator/principal project supervisor: Paul van Steen,

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