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17001-EEF: Trinks, A., B. Scholtens, M. Mulder, and L. Dam: Divesting Fossil Fuels: The Implications for Investment Portfolios

17002-EEF: Angelini, A., and J.O. Mierau: Late-life Health Effects of Teenage Motherhood

17003-EEF: Jong-A-Pin, R., M. Laméris, and H. Garretsen: Political Preferences of (Un)happy Voters: Evidence Based on New Ideological Measures

17004-EEF: Jiang, X., N. Hermes, and A. Meesters: Financial Liberalization, the Institutional Environment and Bank Efficiency

17005-EEF: Kwaak, C. van der: Financial Fragility and Unconventional Central Bank Lending Operations

17006-EEF: Postelnicu, L., and N. Hermes, The Economic Value of Social Capital

17007-EEF: Ommeren B.J.F. van, M.A. Allers, and M.H. Vellekoop, Choosing the Optimal M0ment to Arrange a Loan

17008-EEF: Bekker, P.A., and K.E. Bouwman, A Unified Approach to Dynamic Mean-Variance Analysis in Discrete and Continuous Time

17009-EEF: Bekker, P.A., Interpretable Parsimonious Arbitrage-free Modeling of the Yield Curve

17010-GEM: Schasfoort, J., A. Godin, D. Bezemer, A. Caiani, and S. Kinsella, Monetary Policy Transmission in a Macroeconomic Agent-Based Model

17011-I&O: Bogt, H. ter, Accountability, Transparency and Control of Outsourced Public Sector Activities.

17012-GEM: Bezemer, D., A. Samarina, and L. Zhang, The Shift in Bank Credit Allocation: New Data and New Findings.

17013-EEF: Boer, W.I.J. de, R.H. Koning, and J.O. Mierau, Ex-ante and Ex-post Willingness-to-pay for Hosting a Major Cycling Event

17014-OPERA: Laan, N. van der, W. Romeijnders, and M.H. van der Vlerk, Higher-order Total Variation Bounds for Expectations of Periodic Functions and Simple Integer Recourse Approximations

17015-GEM: Oosterhaven, J., Key Sector Analysis: A Note on the Other Side of the Coin

17016-EEF: Romensen, G.J., and A.R. Soetevent, Tailored Feedback and Worker Green Behavior: Field Evidence from Bus Drivers

17017-EEF: Trinks, A., G. Ibikunle, M. Mulder, and B. Scholtens, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity and the Cost of Capital

17018-GEM: Qian, X., and A. Steiner, The Reinforcement Effect of International Reserves for Financial Stability

17019-GEM/EEF: Klasing, M.J., and P. Milionis, The International Epidemiological Transition and the Education Gender Gap

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